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danork2000 asked: Can i give my cat to eat sardine's tin??

That’s a good question! 

They are pretty high in salt and made for humans, not pets, so I’ve heard it can be bad for cats. You could give your cat a small amount of sardines, but I’d only do it every once in awhile. I would do the ones in water rather than the ones in oil. I’m not a veterinarian though so they would be the best to ask! 

Such a beautiful cat! I hope you find her! <3

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(Orange County California Area)

Hello everyone, I have been hesitant to do this, but I am rather desperate.

I know the chances of finding her are unlikely, but I really just need closure.

My family has been searching for Katie for 2+ months now, to no avail. We’ve walked neighbor hoods, put up posters, checked the shelters, even checked the county’s deceased pet list and we’ve found NOTHING!

The fact that she disappeared with out a trace is unusual, and we have begun to think that she was stolen.

She is a rather beautiful cat, but also very docile and social, so it is not surprising that someone would want her. However, she had a collar on at the time of her disappearance, meaning that someone willingly stole her despite knowing she has owners.

Katie has also been kind of a therapy animal for me as I periodically battle depression. Not knowing what has happened to her has been especially difficult for me.

If you have any information regarding Katie’s whereabouts, there is a reward if someone brings her home safely!

(More information about Katie can be found here.)

Please message me, and please signal boost!

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